On the occasion of ‘One Nation Reading Together’ a small Programme was organized in VVA. During the morning assembly, a pledge was recited by Walusha Fernandes from class 8B, and the same was repeated by the of whole School. Teachers of class 1 – 4 read moral based value stories to the students in their respective class.

The following Titles of books read by Teachers of classes 1st to 4th

1A My School Trip Jesinha Rodrigues
1B Mule goes to School Fiona Fernandes
1C The Wolf and the Fox Martha D’ Souza
2A The Rabbit and the Lion Sunita D’ Souza
2B Gandhiji’s Quotes Evrida Jacques
2C This Little piggy eats healthy Nilanjana Chakraborty
  1. God is present everywhere  2.Good Company


Celina Cardozo
3B Brave Children of other lands                   Olga Dias
3C A beautiful Life : Encouraging others/Gratitude. Pearl pereira
4A Living in harmony:  Self Control

                 Watching Yourself

Clotilda Goes
4B The Blue Bird Michelle Mascarenhas
4C Practice before you Preach Neerja Bane

Students of classes 5 – 8 read books on Fiction and students of classes 9 & 10 read supplementary readers. Later on in the Library, students of class 7 C wrote on the Graffiti Wall, two sentences on their favourite authors and their favourite books. There was a Poster Making competition on Renowned Authors of their choice for students of classes 8 & 9. Two students from each division participated in the Competition. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Thus VVA encourages all students to the reading habit. The programme on one nation reading together did boost the children’s appetite for knowledge and information as well as stimulated their imagination.


Archana Pednekar

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