National Mathematics Day is celebrated in India to pay tribute to the great mathematicians of India. It is important to promote and cultivate the magnificent tradition of Indian mathematics by celebrating National Mathematics Day.

Vidya Vikas Academy commemorated this day on 21st December’2018.The objective was to kindle interest and love for the subject and appreciate the work done by great Indian Mathematicians like Brahmagupta, Aryabhatta, and Srinivasa Ramanujan.

A special assembly was conducted by students of class 8C.The objective of celebrating the day was narrated to the students. A skit was performed to showcase the importance of Mathematics in our day to day life. They were also shown a short documentary on Srinivasa Ramanujan. Later students of class 8C and 8A organized a small Math’s Puzzle zone where students of class 6A/B/C had to come and solve the puzzles. The students enjoyed the entire experience. Mathematics teachers from class 1 to 5 organized Math games and activities in their classrooms.


Shaefali Lendhay

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