‘Music binds our soul, heart and emotion. It cheers the spirit and lightens the mind’

To enhance the  singing and dancing talents of the students an activity ‘Creative Movement – Solo Singing & Solo Dancing’ was held in the month of February 2019.

The rhythm and the beats of this activity resonated beautifully in the school and the response from the students was overwhelming.

Solo dancing was conducted for students of classes 1& 2. Students performed songs showcasing various dance styles like hip-hop, bollywood, classical etc. The criteria for judgment was style, timing and presentation. Five best students were awarded certificates.

For students of classes, 3,4& 5 solo singing was conducted. The songs sung were from the late 60s till the modern era with an addition of bollywood and classical. Criteria for judging was  rhythm, melody and overall performance. The singers were confident and they spread an aura of pleasant harmony. The melodious voices pulled the heartstrings of many around. Five best students were awarded certificates.


Students enjoyed this activity which showcased their inbuilt singing and dancing talent.

Co-ordinator: Tr. Vanessa Gonsalves

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