Goa Science Centre with the support of Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Govt of Goa organized a festival of Science called Science Fiesta to commemorate the National Science Day for three days; 26th, 27th and 28th of February 2019. There were various programs like Meet the Scientist, Exciting demonstrations, workshops, Astronomy slide show presentation, sky observation, competitions, quiz, cultural programs and many more programs apart from exhibition. Around 20 students from Vidya Vikas Academy participated each day in many activities. Tr. Shilpa Sukumaran, Tr. Afshaan shaikh and Asst. Librarian Nutan Naik accompanied the students on respective days.

The topics like “Science and technology of Nuclear Power”, “Our Ocean Life Partners” and “The Coolest Life In Antarctica”  were research based hence very informative. It was an opportunity for students to know about various research institutes and their activities and have live interaction with practicing scientists.

There were competitions like Innovate with paper craft contest, Coconut shell craft contest and scientific toy making. Our students participated with enthusiasm and Shelonite Cardozo from class 8 won the fifth place in coconut shell craft contest.

The workshop on water rocket and communicating Science through films and photographs gave an outstanding experience to our students. It enlightened the students and also motivated to observe and explore the natural world through photography.

The demonstrations on Liquid nitrogen gas and dry ice by GSCP were took the students to the height of their anticipation.

Space quiz by Association of friends of astronomy, Nuclear Science quiz by NPCIL and Polar quiz by National Centre of Polar and Ocean research were very interesting and informative.

Overall the three days experience being among the scientists was very fruitful. It impressed the young minds of our students that they can also contribute significantly to the nation by following the examples of our great scientists.

Co-ordinator: Tr. Shilpa Sukumaran

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