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On the Occasion of ‘World Book Day’ class 10 A conducted a short assembly,highlighting the importance of books in once’s life.Various charts regarding the above celebration were displayed on the notice boards in the Library. Children gave a brief introduction,stressing on the importance of the celebration and also mentioned that this year was the 21st year of the ‘World Book Day’ celebration.

The Occasion involved activities such as class 9 visiting the Navelim District Library,while class 10 spent time in the Library,busy browsing through books of their favourite authors.


Ms. Archana Pednekar (Librarian)


The monthly co-curricular activity for April was Mock Parliament. The students of class 10 A,10 B, 10 C participated in the activity. The topics discussed were ‘Should Goa be given special status’ and According to ‘RTE 25 percent reservations for the underprivileged in the private schools. It was a hypothetical set up of the Lok Sabha where the students were divided in the ruling and opposition parties. Nadia Da Silva was the speaker who presided over the house and saw that the decorum of the house was maintained and even saw that the members did not use unparliamentary language. She even had to ask some members to yield the floor.

The first argument was concluded on the basis of status being confused with passing of laws for the state to ensure Goans are protected. The second argument was where there was alot of discussion and then the house was adjourned due to grave disorder. Clyde Rodrigues from the opposition and Ryan Fernandes of ruling party were declared Best Speakers.


Tr. Sheetal Kumar


The annual day – cum- Graduation day of  VVM’S   VVA Pre-primary section was held on 24th March 2018 at Ravindra Bhavan Margao. The theme of the program was ” Dreamz…of a brighter tomorrow “ .

The pupils of the pre-primary section showcased  with great enthusiasm the importance of child literacy, girl child and child labour, which sent a message across to the audience the need for social justice and equality.

The main feature of the program was the Graduation Ceremony for the Senior KG’s , introduced for the first time at VVA.


Tr. Marisa Fernandes



World Heritage day assembly was conducted by class 10B with guidance from Tr. Vichye Vaz and Tr. Kalpita Lotliker on the 18th of April 2018. This special day offers an opportunity to raise the public awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it, as well as draw attention to its vulnerability. The students commenced the assembly with a prayer which was followed by information on the importance  and aim of world heritage day. A power point presentation was shown displaying top 10 world  and top 10 Indian heritage sites, recognised by UNESCO. 

From the magnificient Taj Mahal to the architectural ruins of Hampi, India is a home to 35 world heritage sites. An alluring poem was recited to encourage the students to learn and respect their heritage. The assembly concluded with a melodious motivational song- “ Desh Mera”, depicting Indian heritage. The music was created, played and sung by our talented musical group.


Tr. Vichye Vaz & Tr. Kalpita Lotliker


Schools are critical infrastructure entrusted with the responsibility of creating citizens of tomorrow. A safe and secure environment is a prerequisite for effective teaching and learning. Vidya Vikas Academy in collaboration with Fire and Safety department of Goa organized a workshop in school for teachers and sub-staff on 17th April’2018.

Mr. Gill D’Souza, Fire Station officer of South Goa conducted a session for an hour and a half. During the interaction with the staff he enlighten them about basic things that one needs to keep in mind about how fire usually breaks out, the precaution one should take and how one can save himself as well as others using right techniques. After a brief discussion the staff were given a practical session wherein they were taught to identify different types of fire extinguishers and its usage. The session was an eye opener for the staff and they enjoyed the session as well.


Mr. Omana Kuttan .G (Sports Director)

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