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Quark organized its Annual Technology and Management festival, ‘School Bag’ Quark 2018 at BITS PILANI from 9th to 11th February 2018. This year, Quark provided a platform for the brightest minds from across the country to showcase their skills by taking part in events under various exciting panels.The students of Vidya Vikas Academy, Secondary Section participated in the various events organised by BITS Pilani held on the 11th February 2018. The events of the “School Bag” were as follows: Debate, Quiz, Cryptic Writing and Science Fair. Our students participated in the Quiz, Debate and the Cryptic Writing. Our students namely RYAN FERNANDES, AMEYA JAMKAR of class 9 and NICOLE LOURENCO of class 10 won the 1st place for the Quiz competition.

The  students got an opportunity to view the campus , as well as interact with the students enrolled at the College. They were able to view and learn many things which inspired and enriched them to work towards their ambition. It was truly a challenging experience for all of them.Tr. Farheen Khan coordinated and accompanied the students to the BITS Pilani campus.

Tr. Co-ordinator

Tr. Farheen Khan


On 2nd February, 2018, eighty eight students of class 9 from Vidya Vikas Academy visited the  ‘Destination Goa 2018’ The Mega Exhibition organised by Aavishkaarr Exhibitions and Promotions Private Limited a Team of Smart Mavens.

The exhibits highlighted the various Information on the following topics: -

  1. Space Research
  2. Skills and Education
  3. Health and Nutrition
  4. Agriculture and Horticulture
  5. Science and Technology and Earth Sciences

The information display at the event is focus to enlighten the Youth and Students. The Rural Technology display at the event was helpful in gaining knowledge and to educate the students.

Tr. Coordinator

Tr. Calorina Rodrigues


“Aao Jhuk kar salam kare unko, Jinke hisse me ye mukaam aatha hai, Khushnaseeb hota hai ye khoon, Jo desh ke kaam aata hai.”

Martyrs’ Day also known as Sarvodaya day or Shaheed diwas marks the death anniversary of the father of nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who was assassinated on Jan 30, 1948, by Nathuram Godse. The day is also used to pay respects to the other Indians who have sacrificed their lives in defending the nation. On this day the president, the vice president, the prime minister, the defense minister,  salute and pay floral tribute to Martyrs at the India Gate. A two-minute silence in memory of Indian martyrs is observed throughout the country at 11 AM.

A special assembly was conducted in school on 30th January 2018, at 8:30am to remember the martyred souls.

Students of class 7B presented this assembly, which was attended by the students of 7A and 7C.The programme began with a short introduction and floral tribute to the martyred souls followed by the prayer. One child recited a poem as a tribute to the Martyr’s.  Students also gave us information on Mahatma Gandhi and others who contributed in the freedom struggle. Four students from class 7C sang ‘Yeh Mere Watan Ke Logoh’a song on a self-composed tune to glorify the sacrifices of the freedom fighters.

Gandhi used the weapon of non-violence to fight against every injustice and exploitation. Students enacted the ‘Dandi March’ and gave a glimse of the ‘Civil Disobedience Movement’. The life of Mahatma Gandhi is full of lessons that still inspire people across the world. The students spoke about the lessons which were taught by Gandhi.

*Happiness is anything done with harmony.

*Mental strength is more important than physical

* Change yourself before you wish to see the change.

Gandhi spoke about communal harmony and unity among the people.

A dance was performed by the students on Gandhi’s famous bhajan ‘Ragupathi Ragav Raja Ram’.The Assembly concluded with an inspiring speech by the Vice-Principal Ms. Tania Monteiro. The students appreciated the assembly and left with deep respect for the martyrs.Later, at 11.00 am a two minutes silence was observed by all the students and staff in the school.          

Tr. Coordinator

Tr. Reeva Rodrigues


Vidya Vikas Academy believes in going beyond classroom teaching to provide the students with experiences, as per their interests, outside the school curriculum. On 22nd of January, 2018, the students of class 9 considering their interest were taken to Shree Rayeshwar Institute of Engineering & Information Technology to get more knowledge on the working and teaching patterns. Students had a privilege to visit the Computer Science Department and the IT Department wherein they were briefed about the choice of their subject and how to prepare themselves to get into the specific field of their choice.

At the workshop, they were given demo lessons on Robotics, how to make the carpentry tools, spot welding and also introduction to various machinery and equipments used by the engineering studentsOverall, it was a thrilling experience for the students. They got an opportunity to clear all their doubts regarding the subjects taught during the ‘doubt’ session. Thanks to Principal and staff of Shree Rayeshwar Institute of Engineering & Information Technology.

Tr. Coordinator

Tr. Calorina Rodrigues


Character Enactment activity was conducted for students of Class 1- 5 during  the activity periods and best five contestants were selected. 

 Objectives of the activity were :

1. To develop the child ‘s imagination as they see themselves in a fantasy world and make – believe stories.

2. Through this activity students brought out their acting talent. 

3. To develop confidence in the students by giving them an opportunity to perform on the stage and speak before  the audience.

4. To boost the confidence of the juniors by watching the seniors performance.

The finale was held on 30th January. The five selected  students from class 4 and class 5 performed. Students of the classes 1, 2 and 3 were the audience. 

Tr. Coordinator

Tr. Celina Cardozo

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