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Damodar Higher Secondary School, Comba ,Margao conducted its 13h Annual Science Exhibition With collaboration with Department of Science,Technology and Environment (Government of Goa ) on the 6th and 7th of December 2018 at Babu Naik Hall.

There were four categories A,B,C and D .Four teams of our school participated comprising

Sejal Biradar and Arya Bhagwat of 7C for category A

Punya Walke and Denver Lazaro of 7A for category A and won first prize for their experiment Carbondioxide Cannon.

Esh Prabhu Desai and Om Shet Gaonkar of 9B for category B and won 5th prize for their experiment Water Memory.

Joseph Fernandes and Nihaal Virgincar of 9C for category B and won 3rd prize for their experiment Natural Water Filter.

The participants were appreciated for showing their keen interest in this exhibition  and were awarded with certificates and trophies for the winners that were sponsored by Nitte,Mangalore.

Tr. Shilpa Sukumaran, Tr.Sonali Salunke ,Tr.Afshan Shaikh guided ,co-ordinated and accompanied the students.


Tr. Shilpa Sukumaran, Tr.Sonali Salunke  and Tr.Afshan Shaikh

VIRASAT: Spreading Awareness one step at a time Heritage walk by Vidya Vikas Academy

On occasion of its silver jubilee celebration VVM’s Vidya Vikas Academy organised a heritage walk ‘Virasat: Spreading Awareness, One Step At  A Time’, on Sunday, 2nd December, 2018 from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm. The aim of the walk was to reconnect the current generation with the history and heritage of Margao City. The walk commenced at the Margao Municipal Building at 4.00 pm and covered a distance of 1.5 kms, unveiling the unheard stories about the eminent Goan personalities such as Luis Menezes Braganza, A. V. Lorenco and others and at places like Aga Khan Garden, Lohia Maidan, Cidas Almas Chapel etc.

Mr. Lynn Barreto Miranda of Goan Shutterbugs, who is passionate about Goan history and heritage was invited to guide the tour. He commented, “It is a good initiative and it’s a pleasure to share the info about Margao’s history and heritage with the next generation.” A total of 64 participants including the Principal, the Vice Principal, the students and the staff members of Vidya Vikas Academy joined the walk. It provided an enriching urban heritage experience to the students and the staff. Anya Gonsalves, a participant shared her experience saying, “It was an amazing little tour and a wonderful way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a school. It was very informative and a good learning opportunity.” Principal Ms Joble Bijoy also commented that, “Heritage walk ‘Virasat’ created awareness about the rich heritage and history of the places and monuments in the vicinity of Margao Municipality and there is a need  to create awareness of these great heritage sites. “


Ms. Sanjyot Bhembre


Children’s Day was celebrated with gaiety and fervour at VVA on 23rd and 24th November, 2018. On 23rd, it was celebrated for the Pre-primary section and classes 1 to 5, while the same was celebrated on 24th November, 2018 for classes 6 to 12. Celebrations on both the days, began with a prayer service conducted by the teachers. This was followed by paying tributes to Chacha Nehru. Songs, along with dance performances by the teachers onstage, made the morning memorable. Principal Joble Bijoy addressed the children and encouraged them to think big and work hard. The children of classes 1 to 10,were then entertained in the various game stalls, put up in different classes, on both the days. They were then treated to yummy and tasty snacks.

Tatoo painting was the highlight on the first day, that is on 23rd November. Every child went home smiling with a tatoo. We appreciate the time put in by Parent volunteers in the game stalls on this day too. It was a fun filled day for all the children, on both the days.


Tr. Marina A.D’Costa


On the occasion of ‘One Nation Reading Together’ a small Programme was organized in VVA. During the morning assembly, a pledge was recited by Walusha Fernandes from class 8B, and the same was repeated by the of whole School. Teachers of class 1 – 4 read moral based value stories to the students in their respective class.

The following Titles of books read by Teachers of classes 1st to 4th

1A My School Trip Jesinha Rodrigues
1B Mule goes to School Fiona Fernandes
1C The Wolf and the Fox Martha D’ Souza
2A The Rabbit and the Lion Sunita D’ Souza
2B Gandhiji’s Quotes Evrida Jacques
2C This Little piggy eats healthy Nilanjana Chakraborty
  1. God is present everywhere  2.Good Company


Celina Cardozo
3B Brave Children of other lands                   Olga Dias
3C A beautiful Life : Encouraging others/Gratitude. Pearl pereira
4A Living in harmony:  Self Control

                 Watching Yourself

Clotilda Goes
4B The Blue Bird Michelle Mascarenhas
4C Practice before you Preach Neerja Bane

Students of classes 5 – 8 read books on Fiction and students of classes 9 & 10 read supplementary readers. Later on in the Library, students of class 7 C wrote on the Graffiti Wall, two sentences on their favourite authors and their favourite books. There was a Poster Making competition on Renowned Authors of their choice for students of classes 8 & 9. Two students from each division participated in the Competition. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Thus VVA encourages all students to the reading habit. The programme on one nation reading together did boost the children’s appetite for knowledge and information as well as stimulated their imagination.


Archana Pednekar


Pop –up- Museum was the co-curricular activity for the students of class 6-8 in the month of November. Students displayed antique  artifacts  such as ancients coins, antique telephone, camera, radio, bronze statues of Gods and Goddesses,  earthen ware, hand-painted porcelain cups etc. They gave a brief information about the authenticity of the displayed items. Students of class 6-8 were invited to see the exhibits .

It as an enriching activity where students could gain knowledge about our culture and heritage.


Tr. Merexi D’Silva & Tr. Rona Vas

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