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A special assembly on National Science Day was conducted by the students of class VII on Thursday, 28thFebruary 2019, to commemorate the invention of the ‘Raman Effect’ by the veteran Indian physicist,Sir Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman.

The students made presentations to highlight the importance of National Science Day through speeches, songs, skits and dances.

The main objective of celebrating National Science Day was to popularise the significance of scientific applications in the daily life of the people.

Co-ordinator: Tr. Sushma Kalghatgi


No school Bag Day was held on 28th February 2019.Various activities were planned and conducted for the students of Classes 1-5 

The theme for the day was , “Viva La Vida”….Let’s live life . The message conveyed was to live life to the fullest enjoying every moment of it.

The objective of the activity was to bring out the importance of a stress free life.

 All students came dressed in red  coloured clothes  which was the dress code for the day.The students were  full of zeal and enthusiasm as they showcased their talents  presenting colourful  craft activities.The students made fruit salad using only red coloured fruits.  They participated in all activities conducted in their respectiveclasses under the supervision of their teachers, thus boosting their creativity and thinking skills.

Co-ordinator: Tr. Evrida Jacques


The importance of social and cultural activities is to prepare students for real life and strengthening their personal skills. Cultural activities not only help students to identify themselves but also assist students to develop themselves in a desired field and improve their skills of presentation, interpersonal  communication and  leadership. As cultural activities are of importance, Vidya Vikas Academy encourages all extra – curricular activities that are both in line with the educational objectives and also meet the needs of the students.

Keeping this in mind Vidya, Vikas Academy organized a Cultural programme for the students of Class 1, Class 3 and Class 5. The main objective of this cultural programme was to give our  students an exposure and platform to display their talents and at the same time overcome their stage fear.

The programme was held on 23rd February 2019. Class 1 students showcased the different professions and also sent across a message to respect every profession through singing, skit, dance performances and a fashion show.

Class 3 students showcased the culture of Goa through singing, fashion show and dance performances while Class 5 students enthralled the crowd with a fashion show depicting different fairy tales.

Parents were cordially invited to watch the programme, cheer and encourage their wards performing. It was indeed colourful and kept the participants and the parents amazed. The parents enjoyed the programme and highly appreciated the same.


Co-ordinator: Tr. Michelle Mascarenhas


Sunday Science School, Rawanfond, Margao organised 5th Annual Science exhibition for school students on 23rd February 2019. 30 students from classes 7 and 8 from Vidya Vikas Academy visited  to observe the exhibits. There were 26 exhibits. Students interacted with the exhibitors and  understood the depth of the topics exhibited. It was a good experience for the students.

Co-ordinator: Tr. Shilpa Sukumaran


On 22nd February , the young enthusiasts of classes 2 A B C geared up excitedly for their much awaited trip to Nirmal Nature Camp located at Tilamol,Quepem.

Soon after the morning prayers ,students lined up for instructions by Mr. Omanakuttan G. At around 8:30 hrs , under efficient guidance of the P.E.teachers and the class teachers they boarded their respective buses. They reached the camp site around 9:15 hrs where all were welcomed by Shri James Fernandes, owner of the Nirmal Nature Campsite and Secretary of Bharat Scouts and Guides ,Goa State.

As planned , the students went for a nature study. It was a rare opportunity for them as they connected with the natural surroundings. Their walk in the forest, across the canal and vast fields and the chirping of various birds fired their curiosity.

After their trek followed by refreshments ,they reassembled enthusiastically for the next round of activities which consisted of Tarzan Rope, Tyre Crawl, Watch Tower, Monkey Bridge, Commando Beach Slide, Tunnel etc. Under the watchful eyes of their teachers , the students participated in all the activities with great zeal. At the end of this exhausting session , they returned to their tents for rest. Later on , everyone cleared and cleaned their tents and surrounding area to board their buses for their return trip . It was certainly a memorable day for them.

The adventure programme at Nirmal Nature Camp gave the students an activity oriented and value based outdoor learning experience.

Co-ordinator: Sir Omanakuttan G

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