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Ravindra Bhavan, Margao in association with Theatre Flamingo’ organised a short play demonstration for the students of Vidya Vikas Academy on 5th October 2018 in the school hall. The three stage artists- Mahira Dessai, Rohan Bandekar and Santosh Naik presented two short plays-one in Konkani and the other in English. The demonstration was very interesting and interactive. The students enjoyed both the plays thoroughly. The plays were also educational as they highlighted the importance conservation of trees and nature and the strength of Unity.

The objective of this demonstration was to create an interest in theatre and inculcate reading habits in children.


Tr. Reshma Raikar


Various activities were organized on 2nd October 2018   to mark 150th Birth Anniversary  of the great Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. A prayer service was organised for World Peace. It was followed by honouring the portrait  of Mahatma Gandhi by the Principal Joble Bijoy  and Vice-Principal Tania Monteiro.A Speech on the noble contributions of Gandhiji was presented by a student of class 7C.A dance was performed  on ‘Vande Mataram’.Students  were briefed on the significance of Swatcch Bharat  Abhiyan movement followed by a skit on the same. Gandhiji once said “Love never claims,it ever gives”.Keeping this  in mind students of class 7C presented a song ‘One Love’to achieve World Peace and Harmony. An initiative was also taken to  narrate chapters from the book Gandhi—A Biography for children and beginners for the students of class 6 to 10 during the morning assemblies .

Teachers and the students participated in a Cleanliness Drive  to clean the classrooms and school campus.NCC cadets actively participated in a Cleanliness Drive at Paroda along with two staff members.

Gandhi Jayanti assembly was co-ordinated by Mrs. Hilda Pereira in the Pre – Primary Section.


Tr. Merexi D’Silva and Mrs. Hilda Pereira( For Pre-Primary)


1st , October is observed as Internatioinal day for the Elders. To commerate this ocassion, the students of class 10C , visited “PROVEDERIA’ an old age home in Margao, to show their love and respect to the elders. The students, entertained the inmates with a small variety programme and shared with them  some snacks and gifts. The students felt  compassionate after mingling with the elders, and understood the joy of spending time with the aged. This visit is a part of the silver jubilee of VVA, to inculcate in our students  the values of respect and care for our elders.


Tr. Anju Anand


Theme: “Grooving With Co-Co-Nuts”

“No School Bag Day ”  was held on 27th September  2018.  Various activities were planned and conducted  for the students  of classes 1-5. Coconut is described as a “Tree of life ”. The heavenly tree ,tree of abundance as it has unique property of providing food, nutrition drink, health etc.

The objective of the activity was to enhance the importance and different uses of coconut tree. This also boosted the students creativity , thinking and reasoning skills. All students came dressed in white and brown coloured clothes. The day was full of zeal and enthusiasm as they showcased  their talent presenting several craft activities and sweets  made of coconuts. Students actively participated in all the activities conducted in their respective classes along with the class teacher .


Tr. Jesinha Rodrigues 


Adequate and proper nutrition is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  Keeping this in mind, a poster making activity was conducted for students of classes 6,7 and 8 during the month of September 2018.The objective of this activity was to create awareness about healthy eating habits. Students worked in teams and created posters that gave valuable information about nutrients contained in foods and their role in body maintenance, growth, health and disease preventions.

The best entries were displayed on soft boards.


Tr. Hema Cacodcar

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