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“A Rainbow is all light and water”. A special assembly was held by the Pre-primary section on “The Rainbow” theme ,to celebrate the importance of the seven colors in the rainbow on the 28th September 2018. Tr.Genesia spoke about the formation of the rainbow and the students were able to understand and relate to it. This was followed by a skit ,enacted by the Sr.Kg A Children .

The Jr.Kg B children performed a magical fairy dance showcasing the seven colors in the rainbow. The program ended with a special song on the rainbow. Later the children relished the rainbow colored sweets done by them with assistance of the teacher.


Tr.Genesia &  Tr.Marisa


Vidya Vikas Academy celebrated National Sports Day on August 29, 2018. The day marks the birthday of Major Dhyan Chand, who is considered as one of the greatest Hockey players in the history of sports. He won many gold medals for India at the International level. A special assembly was conducted by Class 8. The students briefed the gathering on the importance of Sports Day and how it affects us daily. The students put up a skit on Indian olympian, Mary Kom which also depicted women empowerment in Sports. A powerpoint presentation was shown on the life Major Dhyan Chand. This was followed by a Sports Motivational talk for students of Classes 6 and 7.


The compere for the event, Lyann Fernandes introduced the gathering to the Chief Guest, Major Anil Rohil. Major Anil is from 3 Military Training Regiment. He joined the army in February 1993; he was an International athlete and the officer in charge of military battle training as well as weapons training of the newly enrolled recruits. He has won various medals and achieved many awards from different championships and games. The Chief Guest Major Anil then addressed the gathering. Mr. Omanakuttan was called upon to present the Chief Guest with a token of appreciation ..He spoke of his achievements and his experiences that led him to his victories. He inspired the students to join the army and advised them about the path they would have to take to join the army. Major Anil was thanked by Miss Lyann fernandes for being a source of inspiration in the field of sports and for being an advocate of hard work and determination. The special assembly was coordinated by Mr. Omanakuttan and Ms. Balika Phaldessai.


Tr. Balika Phaldesai


Teachers day was celebrated on 5th September, 2018 with a lot of affection and gaiety by the students at VVA. The children look forward to this day, where they can shower their love and affection for their Teachers. The students of each respective class, had a number of songs and dances for their class teacher.Later class 10 Students organised a short programme for all the teachers. There was a prayer service , which was followed by a variety programme of songs, games , spot prizes and  a dance. The programme was coordinated by the school officials. Teacher Sanjyot proposed the vote of thanks.

The day’s celebration concluded with a scumptious lunch for the staff, hosted by the School Management.


Hindi Diwas is celebrated across the country on September 14 every year to recall the historic occasion when Hindi written in Devnagri script got approval as an official language by the constituent assembly on September 14, 1949. Since then the day is celebrated as Hindi Diwas to pay honor and to pass its significance to the generations. Hindi is not just a national language but our mother language too, which must be respected and valued, commemorating Hindi Diwas is the best way to do so. Hindi Diwas was celebrated by the pupils of Vidya Vikas Academy with great enthusiasm to commemorate the memorable day on Friday, 21st September 2018.


The morning assembly was conducted in Hindi by Class 6 C. A special assembly was held to pay tribute to the national language. The students of class 4 B recited a beautiful poem “Hindi se Hindustan”. Miss Khushi Dalvi delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of Hindi to maintain the unity and integrity of the nation. Thereafter the students of Class 1, 2 and 3 recited beautiful poems in Hindi on different topics. Miss Shradha Karwarkar presented a poem in unique style. The assembly ended with the display of charts and slogans by the students of Class 4 ABC. The Principal addressed the students encouraging all to love the language and to communicate in Hindi throughout the day. Tr. I. Mahmad extended Vote of thanks. The activity of  Hindi Calligraphy was conducted by the students of Class 7.


Tr.  Ijjatkhanu Mahmad


Objective: To spread awareness about ozone depletion and explain the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation which enter in to earth’s atmosphere due to depletion of ozone layer. United Nations General Assembly declared September 16 as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone LayerAs students were on Ganesh holidays from 13th -18th September 2018 ,20th September 2018 was selected to celebrate ‘World Ozone Day’ and a  special assembly was conducted by the students of class 7.The principal and students of class 7 along with their teachers were present to witness the gathering. The assembly began with a short speech on the importance of the Ozone layer and the impact of ozone depletion.

It was followed by a song on CFC which is the main cause of ozone depletion and which was then followed by a dance consisting of slogans mentioning the seriousness of the situation. The assembly enlightened the audience and made them realize the prime reasons leading to the depletion of the Ozone layer.

Overall it was a very effective assembly and it is a hoped that now, the children through self awareness will be able to spread the message and alert others around them regarding the same. The principal appreciated the efforts of the participants and  co-ordinate teacher.


Tr. Sonali Salunke

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