Global Partnership

The global partnership program seeks to link our school with schools around the world at different class levels and in different subjects. Through the program we hope to offer student enhanced learning opportunities for a holistic education while exposing them to a wide range of global thoughts, ideas and ideals. The program will bond the school involved who share similar goals of integrating a global dimension into the curriculum. Through the program we hope to build bridges of friendship. Though miles may separate the schools, we can work together, exchange ideas and develop a vibrant relationship. Respecting and appreciating the culture and diversity of each other’s country while gaining a deeper insight into lifestyles, traditions, customs as well as a study of economic, social and political factors will form a major part of the partnership.

The successful beginning with Lampton School, Hounslow, Middlesex, UK has given a boost to this program, even though the students exchange is a tiny fraction of the vast scope of global partnerships. Pupils will work with the staff on the days allocated to each class from Class 3 to 8. The British Council (Mumbai and UK) have been supportive and encouraging.

British Council Award

Vidya Vikas Academy is the first school in Goa to receive the prestigious International School Award of the British Council and has been featured in the British Council’s India News Letter, April 2009. The school has received this award in the year 2009 and once again in the year 2013. ‘Face to Face’ as one of the finest examples of school partnerships. The award appreciates the school’s International Policy, work of the International Coordinator, curriculum-based activities, range of year groups involved and subject areas covered, year – round activities interesting links established and the collaborative work with partner schools. The school’s partnership with Lampton School (UK) and links for projects with other schools in the UK and Europe has resulted in incredible transformation of the schools through separate by miles, afforded the pupils and teachers enormous opportunities to experience different cultures, establish new relationships and has greatly impacted the teaching-learning process and methodology resulting in better pedagogical practices. Pupil and staff exchanges have been an enriching experience.

It is the vision of the Board of Management of Vidya Vikas Mandal to provide an opportunity for their pupils to explore issues of international concern, to celebrate diversity, to build new community participation in learning experiences and thus meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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