Outstanding Events

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony

President of Vidya Vikas Mandal Mr R. G. Kare and his wife performing pooja at the foundation stone laying ceremony. Also seen are Urban Development Minister of Goa, Mr. Digambar Kamat, and Fatorda MLA, Mr. Damodar Naik in the next picture.

Parish Priest of Grace Church -1994, along with Principal, Dr. Alan Rodrigues, Staff, Students and Parents are seen invoking God’s blessings at the foundation stone laying ceremony.

All Set For Inauguration

Mr. R. G. Kare along with other members of Vidya Vikas Mandal seen offering prayers on the day of formal inauguration of the school building.

Formal Inauguration Function

Chief Minister, Mr. Rane is seen unfurling the curtains to mark the Inauguration of the new school building. Also seen are Mr. Digambar Kamat, R.G Kare and members of the Board of Management of Vidya Vikas Mandal.


Organized in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 were inter-school talent contests that brought together schools in Margao and gave pupils all over the city a forum to explore hidden talents.


Staged in February 2003, this was an ambitious musical extravaganza that brought 450 pupils of the school on stage. It was an unforgettable experience of the world of theatre, music, choreography and stage management.


Presented at the Ana Fonte Gardens, Margao in December 2006, celebrated our seniors and taught our pupils respect, care and concern for the aged.

Late Adv. H.M.N Gaunekar Inter-School Contests

Held annually to promote an interaction between staff and pupils of different schools and provide a forum to explore hidden talents – Fatima School (Margao) was the winner.

Envirozest 2007

An inter-school festival of environment – based contests was held in collaboration with GOA SUDHAROP Community Development Inc. USA. The event brought together 14 schools from around Goa and was an opportunity for the pupils to explore hidden talents and meet and interact with pupils from other schools. Sharda Mandir, Miramar won the best school award.

Breakfast in Lisboa & Evening in Paris

A cultural evening depicting different form of art and culture of Paris were presented by our students. Also different delicacies of Lisboa were on display at the stalls prepared by our students.

Late Adv. H.M.N Gaunekar Pre-Primary Contests

Held each year to develop the talents and confidence at a tender age.


An Inter-School art contest was held in September 2009 in collaboration with the Directorate of Health Services, Hospicio Hospital, Margao, in order to create an awareness of nutrition in children. Dr. Ira Da Costa, Senior Pediatrician coordinated the event on behalf of Hospicio Hospital.

One Enchanted Evening

Staged at Ravindra Bhavan on 21st February 2010. When 623 pupils, aged 3 to 10 years of the Pre-Primary and Primary Sections transported the audience to an enthralling world of make believe – fairies and wizards, princes and tin soldiers – a whole gamut of children’s stories, songs and dances…


Guided and encouraged by their Class Teachers and Subject Teachers, the pupils of Classes 6 to 9 researched in the library and surfed the net, whetted ideas, discussed, debated, wrote, edited, choreographed, designed, and finally submitted their work class-wise wherein each class presents history, culture, cuisine, dances, customs, songs, traditions, personalities or any interesting trivia to bring to you a production’globalrythms@vva.com’ held on 21st December 2010 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

DECA-GONe . . . the century that was!

Nostalgia got renamed DECA-GONe…. as a cultural feast unfolded at the Ravindra Bhavan, Margao on 13th and 14th January 2017.

540 students of Classes 6, 7, 8 and 11 of VVM’s Vidya Vikas Academy (VVA to the cognoscenti enthralled a select audience of parents, siblings, relatives and guest with their very own genre of song, music, dance, skits, art and culture.

Under the able guidance of their dedicated teachers the show being conceptualised by Principal Alan Rodrigues, each class showcased a decade of the 20th century and explode a timeline from the 1900 to the 1990’s.

The evening came alive with fascinating drama and foot tapping music, notable personalities, inventions (radio, cinema) events both national and international, happy and sad.

It was a slick, fast-paced production with suprisingly no glitches. This multi- talented amateurs could certainly give professionals a complex!

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