Parent-Teacher & Alumni Associations

  • 1. Parent-Teacher Association

    The association was formed during the academic year 2004-2005. We place on record the services of the Ad-Hoc Committee in drawing up the constitution. A vibrant PTA plays an important role in an institution and can contribute greatly to improving facilities and providing opportunities for the pupils. Parents are invited to take an active part and play a healthy and constructive role in the PTA.

    Parents must understand that the PTA may have many suggestions which should be addressed in the proper forum and manner. However the decision rests with the Board of Management to accept or implement the suggestions. Proper decorum must be maintained at PTA meetings and respect for all present is imperative through ones verbal expressions and behavior.

  • 2. Alumni Association

    The Vidya Vikas Academy Alumni Association was formed in the academic year 2006-2007 with our first successful Class 10 ICSE students. Twelve students appeared for the first ICSE Examination of the Academy and all were successful.

    The Association aims primarily at keeping contact with the ex-students in the years ahead. With the formation of the Working Committee, other details will be worked out. All students of the Academy who successfully complete the ICSE Examination may become members.

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