Resource Rooms (Academics & Life Skills)

Life Skill Resource Room at Vidya Vikas Academy started way back in 2007. It has grown over this long period. We have children with special needs ranging between 5-16 years of age. Our children with special needs have impairments like ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), ID (Intellectual Disability), CP (Cerebral Palsy) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

In the Resource Room we stress on Functional Skills like self help skills, money concept, reading time, skills that will help them to be independent in the future. Besides academic skills we have a wide range of activities organized to develop their fine motor muscles, gross motor (muscles) & communication skills. Our students have been participating in events organized by Special Olympics, Bharat, Goa & have won prizes at state & National level. Our Special Educators & children are being trained by a visiting Music Therapist in keyboard & guitar. These students are a part of all cultural shows/ programs, Sports Festivals organized by the school. We have conducted exhibitions of artifacts made by our students in the past. Our ex-students have also cleared their STD X at first attempt from NIOS. The students are taken on excursions, picnics & field trips in the course of the year. We believe that our children can definitely learn in a mainstream school. The only difference is they learn differently and at their own pace, with individualized attention and that is what we do in the Resource Room.

Academic Resource Room (ARR) – In the ARR, students of various classes with specific learning impairments like Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, ADHD are catered to, depending on the difficultly they are faced with. In the regular classes, if class teachers or subject teachers notice irregularities, such as difficulties in reading, writing, spelling, speaking etc, the student is referred to the special educator. The special educator then takes the child to the ARR for screening the child’s reading, comprehension, mathematics and memory. If the special educator feels that the student lacks in these abilities, she informs the counselor and thereby the parents of the child are called. The Parents are then asked to take the child for a formal assessment test. Based on the test results the special educator is able to help and teach the students, according to his or her learning style and with the necessary teaching aids and strategies.

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