School Organisations

  • National Cadet Corps – Naval Wing
    Pupils of Class 8 & 9 are afforded an unique opportunity to experience the fascinating words of the defence services. The many activities and campus provide opportunities for development of talents and skills. The discipline and training will mould the personality and character of the pupils.
  • The Bharat Scouts And Guides
    The school has introduced Scouting and Guiding for pupils of Classes 6 to 9. Since 2011, the pupils have been trained in varied skills and experienced life at camp sites, on treks and hikes. Pupils will benefit from the training and discipline of this organization.
  • School Band
    The School Band affords pupils with a talent to play a musical instrument an opportunity to be trained by a trained musician from the army/navy/police band and to play at school functions and when invited by other schools/colleges.
  • School Orchestra
    Pupils who are learning a musical instrument with different Music Teachers, are brought together under the banner of VIDYA VIKAS ENSEMBLE. The orchestra has performed not only for school programmes but also for public functions.
  • School Choir
    Pupils who are able to pitch correctly will have an opportunity to develop their talents for singing, learn to sing in a group and master the finer nuances of choral singing. The School Choir has given many a brilliant performance over the years.
  • Heritage Club
    We live our lives against a rich cultural backdrop formed by the art, architecture, music, food, dance, values and traditions of the past. The heritage club aims at introducing the students to this treasure of the Indian heritage and make them appreciate and value the same. This is done through a range of interesting activities and competitions. A keen sense of our heritage helps us to discover who we are.
  • Eco Club
    Eco club plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the students. We all know the importance of environment that we live in and the consequences of environmental degradation. Knowledge, skills and attitudinal changes are the need of the hour to realize the value of environment upon which depends the survival of life and to halt environmental problems. Eco club aims at spreading the message of environmental conservation across people effectively and motivate them to work towards a change in their attitude towards the environment.
  • Consumer Club
    It is the non-formal proactive system of imparting consumer education to the students by involving them in various consumer welfare and consumer protection activities through Consumer Clubs. Practical knowledge of consumer protection and consumer welfare will be imparted to the students of the consumer clubs through audio visual ads, posters, lectures, etc. besides demonstration and street plays; debates, declamation/ essay writing/ letter writing contests and quiz programmes etc.

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