Teaching/Non-Teaching Staff

Qualified, trained, experienced and dedicated, the 87 teachers and 33 non-teaching / administrative / support staff of the school work cheerfully to keep the children happy. Wading through reams of corrections, coordinating activities, planning field trips, excursions and camps, they maintain their calm in even the most provoking situations. The Management has encouraged the staff to pursue higher studies and many staff members have completed or are working towards their Master’s / Doctorate degree.

Name Designation / Subject Email-ID
Joble Bijoy Principal principal@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Tania Monteiro Vice Principal vice-principal@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Hilda Barbosa Pereira Pre-Primary Incharge hilda@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Omana Kuttan G. Sports/Yoga/Security Director omanakuttan@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Suchitra Phaldesai Accountant suchitra@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Lyann Fernandes Health & Wellness Teacher (Junior) lyann@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Kimberley Monteiro Health & Wellness Teacher (Senior) kimberley@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Cleffy Pereira Secretary to the Principal cleffy@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sandra Fernandes LDC sandraf@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sonia Fernandes LDC sonia@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Maria Luisa de Jesus LDC marialuiza@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Vandita Naik LDC vandita@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Anil Gawade LDC anil@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Archana Pednekar Librarian archana@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Nutan Naik Asst. Librarian nutan@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Frenzie Lawrence Nurse frenzie@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Anil Anandache Security Officer anila@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Gayle Fernandes Steam Lab Incharge gayle@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Loreta D’Silva Nursery A loreta@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Monica Rodrigues Nursery B monica@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Alsa Pimenta Nursery C alsa@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Fatima Diniz Jr. K.G. A fatima@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Genesia Pereira Jr. K.G. B genesia@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Melbina Rodrigues Jr. K.G. C melbina@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Marisa Fernandes Sr. K.G. A marisa@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Adlyn Luis Sr. K.G. B adlyn@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Ninoshca Martins Sr. K.G. C ninoshca@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Leena Rebello Pre-Primary Teacher (Assistant) leena@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Cinija Da Costa Pre-Primary Teacher (Assistant) cinija@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Jesinha Rodrigues 1 A jesinha@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Mary Fiona Fernandes 1 B mary@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Martha D’Souza 1 C martha@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Janessa Fernandes Primary Teacher (Assistant) janessa@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Belinda D’Costa e Vas Primary Teacher (Assistant) belinda@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Swizzle Pereira Primary Teacher (Assistant) swizzle@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sunita D’Souza 2 A sunita@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Evrida Jacques 2 B evrida@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Nilanjana Chakraborty 2 C nilanjana@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Celina Cardozo 3 A celina@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Maria Olga Dias 3 B olga@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Pearl Pereira 3 C pearl@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Clotilda Miranda Goes 4 A clotilda@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Michelle Mascarenhas 4 B michelle@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Neerja Bane 4 C neerja@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Rochell Fernandes 5 A rochell@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Dolly D’Souza 5 B dolly@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Reeva Rodrigues 5 C reeva@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Marina D’Costa 6 A marina@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Rona Vas 6 B rona@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Shabeena Khaji 6 C shabeena@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Afshan Shaikh 7 A afshan@vidyavikascademy.edu.in
Sushma Kalghatgi 7 B sushma@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Merexi D’Silva 7 C merexi@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Reshma Raikar 8 A reshma@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Lysandra Fernandes 8 B lysandra@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Shaefali Lendhay 8 C shaefali@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Calorina Rodrigues 9 A calorina@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Vichye Vaz 9 B vichye@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Farheen Khan 9 C farheen@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sanjyot Bhembre 10 A sanjyot@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sheetal Kumar 10 B sheetal@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Anju Anand 10 C anju@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Agnelo D’Souza 11 A agnelo@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Joyce Fernandes 11 B joyce@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Pooja Dessai 12 A pooja@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Shaheena Basha 12 B shaheena@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Satya Sharma Hindi satya@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Archana Verma Hindi archanav@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Ijjatkhanu Mahmad Hindi ijjatkhanu@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Rachna Thakur Hindi rachna@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sharmila Naik Konkani sharmila@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Shwetambari Parab French shwetambari@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sandra Mesquita English / Social Science sandram@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Carla Quadors English carla@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Jennifer Fernandes English jennifer@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Yerica Soares Math yerica@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Meenal Patil Math meenal@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sonali Salunke Physics / Math sonali@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Shilpa Sukumaran Science shilpa@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Bhushan Sail Chemistry bhushan@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Hema Cacodcar Art (Senior) hema@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Kelly Fernandes Art (Junior) kelly@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Aniket Sawardekar Computers (Junior) aniket@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Pradnya Nadkarni Computers (Senior) pradnya@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sweta Verenkar Computers (Senior) sweta@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Akshay Chari Computers (Senior) akshay@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Balika Phaldesai Physical Education balika@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sidharth Faldessai Physical Education / NCC sidharth@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sonia Naik Physical Education sonian@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Neil D’Cruz Music (Senior) neil@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Euphregina Thereza Gomes Music (Pre-Primary) euphregina@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Vanessa Gonsalves Music (Junior) vanessag@vidyavikasacademy.eduin
Tanula Cotta Special  Education (RR) tanula@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Savia Gomes Special  Education (RR) savia@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Vismila Rodrigues Special  Education (Acad.) vismila@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Criselle D’Souza Psychology criselle@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Lidia Mascarenhas Lab Assistant (Biology) lidia@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Yashvi Sambary Lab Assistant (Chemistry) yashvi@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Sarvesh Goral Lab. Assistant (Physics) sarvesh@vidyavikasacademy.edu.in
Joaquim Gonsalves Attendant
Pramila Fernandes Attendant
Ram Bahadur Bohra Attendant
Dhansingh Bohra Attendant
Neelima Borkar Attendant
Mansi Naik Attendant
Lavu Sirsikar Attendant
Richard D’Costa Attendant
Shyam Borkar Attendant
Mahaveer Lal Bahadur Bohra Attendant
Flavia Miranda Attendant
Pradipa Nagvekar Attendant
Sucorina D’Souza Attendant
Deepika Shirodker Attendant
Cynthia Carvalho Attendant
Chougulo Velip Attendant
Dilkush Velip Attendant
Kiran Raut Attendant
Jayaraj Jaise Security (Day)
Man Bahadur Bohra Security (Night)
Deevkar Pavto Vaiz Security (Day)
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